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Editor's note: Every Tuesday and Thursday during this sports hiatus, we'll answer questions that Bay Area sports fans long have debated in "Ever Wonder?" Fourth up in the series: Who is the famous "Banjo Man?"

If you've attended a 49ers game at any point over the last 37 years, chances are you've seen, heard or otherwise encountered the icon known as "Banjo Man."

Wielding a banjo in his hands and a rainbow propeller hat atop his head, Stacy Samuels has been entertaining 49ers fans at games for the vast majority of the last four decades. From Candlestick Park to Levi's Stadium, he hasn't missed a home game or a single playoff game. He has attended four Super Bowls in which the 49ers were participants, and another six where he was -- in his own words -- "their lone representative."

In his capacity as Banjo Man, Samuels has met numerous 49ers greats, including Steve Young, Jerry Rice and Roger Craig. But he says the most rewarding aspect of his experience has been the friendly exchanges he has had with countless other 49ers fans at games over the years.

He has become such a popular fixture at 49ers games that other people have gotten tattoos of his likeness, which he thinks is pretty darn cool.

"Even when I die, I'll still be living in the flesh," Samuels explained.

You can learn all about the legend of Banjo Man in the video above.


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