Ex-49ers LB Lemonier finding enjoyment as personal trainer


Corey Lemonier officially started his own personal training company in March. Three days later, COVID-19 hit the Bay Area.

That presented a significant challenge for the former 49ers linebacker. But it also presented an opportunity.

With gyms closed to the public for months on end, Lemonier attempted to provide a solution to a problem so many people have faced throughout the ongoing pandemic: How does one stay active and fit during a time of social distancing and lockdown?

Lemonier's answer? Take to the outdoors.

By providing one-on-one instruction in an outdoor setting, Lemonier was able to provide his customers with a win-win. They got the answer they were searching for, all while getting a break from the staleness of locked-down life. 

Lemonier's personal training business is the focus of the first feature of NBC Sports Bay Area's "HEADSTRONG 2.0" series, a month-long initiative spotlighting men's health issues that will take place throughout January. Learn more about his story in the video above.