Ex-49er Gore reacts to son making college football debut


Legendary 49ers running back Frank Gore might be one of the best people to go to for advice upon starting your football career. Just ask his son, Frank Gore Jr.

The 18-year-old Southern Mississippi running back made his collegiate football debut on Thursday, and dad was hyped.

Gore Jr. made a stellar play at the goal line, but it, unfortunately, was called back. That didn’t stop the elder Gore from pulling a proud papa moment on Twitter:

Gore Jr. has been making a name for himself, despite being in his father’s footsteps after an impressive campaign during fall camps where he rushed for almost 140 yards on 17 carries.

Young Frank committed to Southern Miss. in December as a three-star RB prospect. 

Mind you, one of the main reasons why Gore continued his career at the age of 37, is because of his son

"I asked my son what he thinks I should do, my older son, and he's gonna be in college this year," Gore told reporters in May. "He was like, 'Dad, I think you can go one more.' So I said, 'Alright, I'm gonna go.' "

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Gore Jr. has big, and impressive shoes to fill. His dad, a five-time Pro Bowl selection, now is with the New York Jets, and manages to still be in phenomenal shape. He probably will continue to be that way until … if it were up to him, forever. 


The elder Gore ranks third in NFL history with 15,347 rushing yards, with 11,073 of those coming in a San Francisco uniform.