Ex-49ers coach Mike Singletary included in top 10 best sports rants


"I mean listen, we talkin’ ’bout practice. Not a game, not a game, not a game. We talkin’ about practice."

It's hard to believe, but Thursday was the 18th anniversary of former Philadelphia 76ers great Allen Iverson's epic "practice" rant. As such, ESPN's SportsCenter thought it fitting to count down the top 10 sports rants of all time, and there was a Bay Area flavor to the list.

Former 49ers coach Mike Singletary's "I want winners" speech came in at No. 8:

It really is an all-timer. Let's just be glad he kept his pants on.

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As for Iverson, well, he made sure to connect his famous moment with modern times.

At least for now, Iverson doesn't have anyone left to step over on that list.


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