Ex-49ers legend Gore wants boxing rematch with Williams


Frank Gore's first forray into boxing was an ugly, embarrassing, meme-filled loss to former NBA All-Star Deron Williams. And, apparently the former 49ers legend already wants to run it back with the point guard who is listed as six inches taller than him. 

"I don't take nothing away from him," Gore said after his loss by split-decision. "I thought he fought hard and you're more than a basketball player. I ain't gonna lie, I feel like we should run it back."

Gore also said he thought Williams took advantage of them clinching and that Williams pushing him into the ropes played a part in the loss. 

Williams, however, doesn't sound too interested in stepping into the ring again. 

"I'm gonna go sit my old, dumb ass down somewhere and let the professionals do their s--t," Williams said after his win. 

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The longtime NBA veteran made it clear multiple times that he was a "one and done" as a boxer. 

One thing is clear, though: Gore and Williams have nothing but respect for each other. 

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