Fan claims boss caught him faking illness to attend 49ers-Raiders

49ers Fans

Living in a world full of cameras has its ups and downs for a long list of reasons. For one 49ers fan, being caught in the act couldn't have gone much worse. 

A 49ers fan named Kelvin claims on his TikTok account, "king_killakelv," that his boss caught him faking an illness so he could attend the preseason finale against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The video shows a text exchange in which the fan sends his boss a text asking for the day off after saying he doesn't feel too well. The boss of course told him to take the day off. 

But the boss later checked in on the fan, asking how he's feeling. The fan responded by texting, "I'm okay just relaxing."

The problem is, he wasn't relaxing at home. He was relaxing at the 49ers' home. 

His boss responded by sending a picture of him at the game and texted, "Are you sure? Looks like you have a twin ..."

The fan responded with the Homer Simpson meme, to which the boss said, "Caught your ugly a-- in 4K." 

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For the views or for real? You be the judge.

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