Week 5 for the 49ers brings a lot of fantasy morsels to pay attention to. Especially since there's a big possibility the team could go 4-0 when all is said and done.

With the passing game one of the most imperative aspects in fantasy, it could be the 49ers tight end that winds up being the best receiver this week against the Browns on "Monday Night Football."

"Am I allowed to say that George Kittle will be the best receiver? I know that's a little cheating here because I'm not exactly sure which one of these wide receivers Kyle Shanahan is going to game plan snap-to-snap, drive-to-drive better," NBC Sports fantasy analyst Josh Norris said. "And he's so good at doing that."

Norris added that despite Kittle's lack of counting stats, he had two touchdowns called back by penalties in Week 1.

"So George Kittle, despite not scoring a touchdown, really despite not scoring two, in Week 1, could really get it going this week."

But Norris is still invested in one 49ers wideout: Dante Pettis.

"I'm interested to see what his role is going to be out of this bye because he scored a game-winning touchdown for the Niners prior to it," Norris said. "Maybe his role expands a little bit, but I don't think that Kyle Shanahan needs that one alfa wide receiver, I'm sure he would love to have one, but he doesn't have one here so who knows if that's Pettis, [Marquise] Goodwin, or Deebo [Samuel] this week."


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It's a matchup in favor of San Francisco.

"I would not be stunned, again, if the 49ers start the season, 4-0."

You can watch part of the interview in the video in the player above.