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Fine ... fine ... I want to hear about your fantasy football team -- but only when it comes to the 49ers. 

NBC Sports' fantasy analyst Josh Norris spoke with NBC Sports Bay Area about the fantasy value of the 49ers' weapons, and nothing is more interesting than the running back mix. With Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert, and Jeff Wilson Jr. all playing a role, who is the best back to own?

Coleman is set to rejoin the 49ers in Week 5 after exiting Week 1's matchup against the Bucs early with a sprained ankle. He should be ready to go for a "Monday Night Football" matchup against the Cleveland Browns on Oct. 7

With Coleman out, the fantasy value for the running backs has come from Breida and Mostert. Unfortunately for us, and Norris, we can't combine all three to make a super running back. But Norris does like what he sees in Breida, maybe even more than what he's seen in Coleman.

I know, he admitted it sounded surprising as well. 

"I'm not even sure -- this might be crazy to say -- if Tevin Coleman is a better talent than Matt Breida," Norris told NBC Sports Bay Area. "I'm not sure he's a better talent than Raheem Mostert, but if he does come into the lineup, then obviously Jeff Wilson will probably sit. Jeff Wilson is the one who's been seeing all of the touchdown opportunities, scoring all the touchdowns -- hopefully, Breida will get a few of those because those could really spike his weeks, adding on to the yards each and every week."


What about George Kittle? He's coming off a breakout season, setting NFL records. But this season, from a fantasy perspective, he's off to a relatively slow start. Is there cause to give him up? Well, in Kittle's defense, the tight end position is a mess across the league, Norris says.

"Just to be honest," he laughed.

"I know he hasn't put up huge numbers, but you also have to remember he had those two touchdowns called back in that first week," he added. "Look, I still think he has seen games with at least 10 targets and eight targets -- he's still the focal point of the passing game for the 49ers. So it would be difficult for me to rank him outside of the top three or four at the tight end position moving forward and that's all you can ask for for a tight end that you drafted in that second spot at the position."

OK ... the real question. Well, one of them: What about Jimmy Garoppolo?

I'm a believer in confidence as it pertains to fantasy value, and Jimmy G. exudes it. But is that enough to pick up him as a QB1? Or, at least a QB 1?

Eh ... maybe not so fast.

"I don't mean to be negative Norris over here, but I don't know I would pick up Jimmy Garoppolo, at least not right now," Norris said.

He did highlight the fact that Jimmy G is certainly improving in play, which is something 49ers fans surely like to hear.

"It's kind of matching how good that 49ers' defense has been so far, but we know the core of it is Kyle Shanahan's scheming open plays and Jimmy making those easy throws."

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But ... keep an eye out for those future matchups.

"Maybe in Week 7 when he faces the Washington Redskins, a team that has been absolutely awful in their secondary."