Flair crashes Kittle interview, says he's a '49er for life'

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George Kittle had quite the surprise Wednesday morning while he heard one long, iconic sound on the radio.


Yes, that's Ric Flair's music you hear. The wrestling legend crashed Kittle's interview on 95.7 The Game, giving the 49ers' star tight end the perfect way to celebrate his record-setting, five-year, $75 million contract extension

"Yes, it's the Nature Boy Ric Flair," he said, "Congratulations, George Kittle! You're limousine ridin' and jet flyinin'!"

Kittle was incredibly surprised and starstruck by Flair hopping on the line. Not only is Kittle the best tight end in the NFL, he's a huge wrestling fan. 

This is two-way street, too. Flair is a huge fan of Kittle, and has joined The Faithful thanks to The People's Tight End. 

When he signed his monster of deal, Kittle channeled his inner Flair. He wrote a lengthy letter on the 49ers' website, and ended it with his best Nature Boy impersonation.

"Finally, to the greatest fans in the NFL -- THANK YOU!" Kittle wrote. "Thank you for all your support in everything we do, for cheering us on no matter what and for always being FAITHFUL. I will continue to work for all of you as we make the 2020 season another success.


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Flair loved the letter, too. 

Kittle already had to have been on Cloud Nine with his wallet weighing him down. Talking with Flair on the radio was just the icing on the cake for one hell of a week.