Former 49ers TE Brent Jones gives Jed York credit in two areas

Former 49ers TE Brent Jones gives Jed York credit in two areas

On Monday morning, Jed York faced the media to answer questions about the state of the 49ers.

On Tuesday afternoon, former 49ers tight end Brent Jones weighed in on the franchise.

"I give Jed some credit in a couple of different areas," Jones said on KNBR 680. "One -- and he said this -- nothing he's gonna say is going to be received well and at this point words ring hollow. And I think we can all agree with that.

"I have always felt that he really desires to win and maybe things haven't come together appropriately."

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And two: "The more that I thought about it, if you're gonna blow it up with Trent Baalke, to attract the appropriate level of GM or head coach, you probably need a clean slate," Jones explained. "So that side of it made sense to me.

"I still think Chip got a little bit of a raw deal, but I'm gonna say this -- and I kind of held my tongue a little bit during the season -- non-chalant is not a strategy for a football coach. This whole team had no fire in its belly; at all ... at least Jed is acknowledging, 'Hey, we got to start this thing over.'" 

York stressed the importance of having the head coach and general manager being on the same page and pulling in the same direction

"To his credit -- and I understand it's credit because we didn't put the right pieces in place last year -- but instead of having that prolonged for another year or two and being miserable, is he recognized it and said, 'OK. We're stopping it; we're stopping it right here,'" Jones added.

Jerick McKinnon fits into 49ers' plan for upcoming season, GM John Lynch says


Jerick McKinnon fits into 49ers' plan for upcoming season, GM John Lynch says

PHOENIX – The 49ers could get out of Jerick McKinnon’s contract with minimal financial impact before next week.

But general manager John Lynch believes it would be foolish for the team to part ways with McKinnon prior to April 1.

“Yeah, Jerick is going to be a part of us,” Lynch said Monday at the NFL owners meeting. “We’re excited to see that through.”

As part of the terms of the four-year, $30 million contract the sides agreed upon last year, McKinnon’s full $3.7 million salary for 2019 becomes fully guaranteed next Monday. He can also earn another $300,000 in bonuses during the upcoming season.

McKinnon picked up $11.7 million in fully guaranteed money at signing last year, but his season ended before it ever began. McKinnon sustained a season-ending torn ACL a week bfore the start of the regular season. He is on pace for a full return for training camp, according to the team.

“Jerick’s working incredibly hard,” Lynch said. “He’s always had a chip on his shoulder because that was his first opportunity to be the guy. I’m sure he’ll have a bigger chip on his shoulder. But he’s very much a part of our plans. The way he’s working is very encouraging. But it’s a big thing to come back from, that’s for sure. Yeah, Jerick is going to be a part of us.”

The 49ers’ signing of free-agent running back Tevin Coleman was the source of some speculation about McKinnon’s future. Lynch said the 49ers did not enter the offseason determined to add a veteran running back.

"We were comfortable going into the season with our running back group," Lynch said.

Former Pittsburgh running back Le’Veon Bell was among the top players available on the open market. Bell signed a four-year, $52.5 million contract with the New York Jets. The market was soft for the other running backs. Coleman, who played two seasons with Kyle Shanahan as Atlanta’s offensive coordinator, signed a two-year, $8.5 million contract with the 49ers.

“We saw an opportunity with Tevin and we pounced on it, because we knew the player he was,” Lynch said. “And that’s one where Kyle had first-hand experience with him. If we could do it at that price, absolutely, we’d be involved. We worked hard to get it done, and we’re really thrilled.”

Coleman and McKinnon are joined by running backs Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson on the 49ers’ offseason roster. Lynch said the club is currently not engaged in trade talks of any kind.

49ers confirm visits with top NFL draft prospects, including Nick Bosa

49ers confirm visits with top NFL draft prospects, including Nick Bosa

PHOENIX – Four of the top defensive players are scheduled to travel to Santa Clara to meet with the 49ers before the NFL draft.

General manager John Lynch confirmed Ohio State’s Nick Bosa, Alabama’s Quinnen Williams, Kentucky’s Josh Allen and Michigan’s Rashan Gary will be among the team’s 30 allowed pre-draft visits.

The visits will begin next week, Lynch said on Monday at the NFL owners meeting. The 49ers have not finalized their entire list of visits.

“That’s fluid,” Lynch said. “We’re still putting that (list) together.”

When asked whether the 49ers have narrowed down their selection with the No. 2 overall pick to Bosa, Williams and Allen, Lynch said the team is still in the process of determining the draft plan.

“Those guys are really good players,” Lynch said. “I think anybody would be interested in picking high. We can’t just settle in on two or three guys and say these are our guys here.”

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Lynch and 49ers vice president of player personnel Adam Peters met last week with Williams and Bosa. The 49ers took Williams to IHOP in Tuscaloosa, at Williams’ request.

“I hadn’t been to IHOP in 10 years,” Lynch said. “The thing that stunk, I was all fired up for pigs in a blanket because that was my go-to when I used to go to IHOP as a kid. He went all healthy on me. He had a garden omelet, so I felt compelled to have a garden omelet, too.”