Gore turned down NFL teams during camp to spend time with kids


Frank Gore appears to be done with football ... for now. 

Never say never, of course, but the 16-year NFL veteran is focused on spending time with his family and a newfound boxing career. 

Set to box former NBA All-Star Deron Williams on Dec. 18, Gore will make his debut in the ring on the undercard of the fight between YouTube star Jake Paul and former UFC fighter Tyron Woodley. 

Gore joined the "Behind The Mask Podcast" with former 49ers teammate Takeo Spikes, where he discussed his NFL career and revealed that he received an opportunity to join a team during training camp this summer, but turned down the offer in order to spend more time with his family. 

“There was one team, they called me like a week after training camp," Gore said. "I had already had something set up with my family to go see my step-son play his first college game. It was a good situation, it was good. When I set the vacation up to go see my son play, me and my kids already had the flights booked and stuff, they called and wanted me to come up that same day.

"When I had a doubt about football, whether I should do it or not, that’s when I was like ‘I’m not ready to go right now.’ When I got home they called me to come back up there that Monday. I had so much fun at Wisconsin. After the game, my step-son was happy and I haven’t had that feeling being around my kids and my girl in so long. To get that feeling and see how much I missed when I went to camp. I told them I was good. I’ve been enjoying life.”


One of the harsh realities of playing in the NFL includes being away from family and friends for so much of the year, which Gore understands better than anybody. 

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Typically, NFL players are participating in some sort of football activity on a daily basis from late spring all the way through January.

During his time away from the field, the 49ers legend has since picked up a new hobby and appears to be focused on spending time with his family. 

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