Lesson Gore taught son by pulling him from private school


Former 49ers running back Frank Gore knows a thing or two about long-term success in the game of football. 

The 16-year NFL veteran and future Hall of Famer has for many years been an ageless wonder that has defied any and all preconceived notions regarding a running back's shelf life at the professional level. 

Gore had played for so many years, that his oldest son is now just a couple of years away from playing in the NFL. Frank Gore Jr., a running back for Southern Miss, has learned a lot from his father, who helped shape his football career early on. 

Gore joined former 49ers teammate Takeo Spikes on the "Behind The Mask" podcast where he explained why he pulled his son out of his private high school after the younger Gore ditched practice and what lesson it taught him.

“He didn’t know I’d come home," Gore said. "On a bye week, I was down there. I go to the practice, and he’s not there, but the coach was OK with it because he’s got some talent, he’s a freshman. For me, I’m like, ‘I don’t care, bro. I don’t care what talent you got.

"When you’re supposed to be somewhere, you’re supposed to be there.’ When I go up there and he’s not there and out with his friends and the coach is all right with it, I was like, 'Nah, he’s got to get around guys in public school who he’s got to compete with and make him a better player.' That’s like me and [University of Miami teammate Clinton Portis] --- we knew we couldn’t play around.


"I had to get him out of there. They were babying him too much. I didn’t like it at all.”

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If there's anybody who knows what's best for an aspiring football player, it's one of the most iconic, durable running backs of all time. 

Gore Jr. has already established himself as an exciting collegiate prospect. The 19-year old currently has 179 rushing attempts for 801 yards and five touchdowns on the ground for Southern Miss this season. He also has 20 receptions for 155 yards and even experience at quarterback, completing 10-of-16 passes for 189 yards, four touchdowns and one interception in a game earlier this season.

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