Jets coach says Gore will remain workhorse when he's 60

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Frank Gore remains a beloved member of the 49ers’ organization, even six years removed from his time with the team. Ten memorable seasons in red and gold as the franchise's all-time leading rusher will do that.

Gore, 37, remains in phenomenal shape as well. Perhaps that’s an understatement, though.

The five-time Pro Bowl running back is now with the New York Jets, and his coach Adam Gase, is in awe of how he still manages to do it:

This will be Gore’s 16th NFL season, and the guy continues to be a workhorse. 

Gore said he just needed one opportunity from a team, and with a bit of a push from his eldest son, he was able to prove himself while he was a free agent.

"I asked my son what he think I should do, my older son, and he's gonna be in college this year," Gore told reporters in May. "He was like, 'Dad, I think you can go one more.' So I said, 'Alright, I'm gonna go.' "

That’s when the Jets came calling. 

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His workouts never stopped either, and he was training as if he were an undrafted rookie.

Gore ranks third in NFL history with 15,347 rushing yards, with 11,073 of those coming in a San Francisco uniform.

It appears he will continue his dominance well into his 60s.