How Warner celebrated signing record-breaking deal with 49ers

Fred Warner

Often times when an athlete signs a massive contract, they splurge as a way of celebrating a paycheck that equals their talent.

Expensive cars, jewelry and houses often are bought as a way to mark inking a lucrative deal. But 49ers linebacker Fred Warner is wired differently.

"That's funny because that's kind of a common question when something like this happens. It's like, 'Oh, what's the big purchase to be? What type of car are you going to buy?" Warner told reporters Thursday in a press conference to announce the signing of his record-breaking, five-year extension with the 49ers.

"I'm not the type to go splurge on something crazy for myself. I did happen to have my family here when it happened, and we went to dinner, that was nice. The thought of being able to provide a home or a house for my mother one day, and even buying a home myself just to have somewhere to call for me and my future family, just little things like that mean the world. That's what this deal and something like this allows. That's the biggest blessing in the world."

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With his contract signed, sealed and delivered, Warner, arguably the best linebacker in the NFL, now can turn his full attention into leading the 49ers back to the Super Bowl after an injury-plagued 2020.

Warner and the 49ers have lofty goals in 2021, and the star linebacker is setting the right tone to reach those lofty heights after securing his future in Santa Clara.


"If I'm leading by example, I know that that is going to carry more weight for guys who are watching what I do in the locker room, out on the field, in the weight room -- those different things hold weight instead of just going out there and barking orders at people," Warner said. "I'm extremely excited to really attack this training camp head-on.

"I've been telling the guys that you've got to prepare your mind for this to be the hardest training camp you've ever endured. Because if we really want to have the season we want, you've got to go through hell to make it to heaven. So that's what my mindset is going into it. That's why I've been preparing my body and my mind just for that."

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