Warner explains 49ers defense's 'S.W.A.R.M' mantra for 2021


It's out with the old, and in with the new. 

Former 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh left to become the next head coach of the New York Jets this past offseason. Along with his departure, the "All Gas, No Breaks" mantra that he so famously coined left with him. 

San Francisco has a new defensive coordinator in DeMeco Ryans -- and a new mantra to go along with the change. 

"DeMeco came up with his own slogan -- S.W.A.R.M.," linebacker Fred Warner told reporters Wednesday afternoon.

Ryans has big shoes to fill. Having worked under Saleh for years as the linebackers coach, Ryans has plenty of experience with the defense already. 

So what does "S.W.A.R.M." stand for? 

"Special work ethic and relentless mindset," Warner said. "That's been his thing for our defense, and we'll probably just roll with that."

Notice anything off about that acronym? The words that are associated with each letter spell out "S.W.E.R.M." or "S.W.E.A.R.M." if you include the "and" as its own word, not necessarily "S.W.A.R.M." 

But whatever works for them, I guess. 

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So how does Ryans compare to Saleh?

"Him and Saleh are very similar in the way that they call plays, I guess," Warner explained. "He's real even-keeled throughout the game. There's not a lot of highs and lows, so I expect the same during the regular season."


Whether they're swarming or swerming, the 49ers' defense is hoping to repeat the success that helped lead them to a Super Bowl appearance in 2019. 

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