Funny video shows Jimmy G's lack of pocket presence in loss


It was a rough first game for Jimmy Garoppolo -- missing open receivers, underthrowing Kendrick Bourne in the end zone late in the fourth quarter and waiting too long to get it to Trent Taylor on fourth-and-5.

None of that was a laughing matter to 49ers fans. But one Garoppolo video did earn some laughs on Twitter, and frustrated head shaking all at the same time. 

On second-and-goal with 13:58 remaining in the second quarter of the 49ers' 24-20 season-opening loss to the Arizona Cardinals, Garoppolo went in the spin zone and took a costly sack. In retrospect, it was impressive the QB didn't fumble and make the outcome even worse. The ball clearly slips out of his hand early in the play, and Garoppolo was able to recover the ball and spin away from a sack. 

But he kept spinning and spinning until he took a sack. 

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Garoppolo was sacked three times in the loss. He didn't turn the ball over, but played much worse than his 103.0 passer rating. 

This isn't a time to overreact. Only one game has been played after no preseason and an odd offseason. The simple fact is Garoppolo's pocket presence and overall play has to be better if the 49ers wish to fulfill their Super Bowl aspirations.