Falcon Punch: Kittle commemorates stiff arm with funny IG post

George Kittle

You have to get out of George Kittle’s way. At least if you don’t want to have to endure the Falcon Punch.

The 49ers' tight end posted a photo on Instagram of him stiff-arming Detroit Lions safety Tracy Walker III with a closed fist during a run in San Francisco's 41-33 win Sunday.

Captain Falcon, who the signature move is named after, used the strong punch against his opponents in the “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” game. Sometimes, you have to mimic characters in video games, and Kittle did just that Sunday in Detroit. 

The 49ers almost squandered a 24-point lead to the Lions with Detroit scoring twice late in the fourth quarter. The Lions scored 16 points in the final few minutes before San Francisco held on for the win.

Afterward, Kittle said the game was a “great lesson” for the 49ers to learn from.

“Up three -- how many ever scores we were up -- and you take your foot off the gas for 30 seconds, and the next thing you know, they score 16 points and they’re one score away,” Kittle said.

Kittle admitted there aren’t really any “bad teams” in the NFL, which means the talent will shine through when you let up even a little bit. 

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While Kittle said a win’s a win, the Lions should get credit for how hard they played, even after literally getting punched in the mouth by the All-Pro tight end.