Kittle explains why golf pro Koepka owes him set of clubs


Apparently, golf pro Brooks Koepka owes 49ers tight end George Kittle a set of golf clubs. 

It turns out Kittle was supposed to receive these golf clubs back in March. He’s still waiting.

Kittle talked about it on the Candlestick Chronicles podcast, and it all started with a bet over push-ups.

“[Koepka] told me he was gonna send them to me in March and I think we're a little past that,” Kittle said. “I'm gonna still talk s--t to him about that. ... I'm not even being humble about it, because I want my golf clubs." 

Koepka challenged Kittle to a push-up challenge during quarantine, and Kittle agreed to do it, if he got clubs out of it. Koepka agreed.

"He was like, 'Oh yeah, no worries.' I was like, 'Pfft, how many pushups do you want dog?' He posted his video first, so I just did one more than he did. I think it was only like 25 or something like that," Kittle said.

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That’s all it took? Just 25 push-ups for a set of golf clubs … from a seven-time PGA Tour winner? Yeah, count me in. 

Kittle was absolutely pumped when Tiger Woods won his first major since 2008 last April, as were most athletes -- and the world.


So if Koepka doesn’t pay up, maybe Kittle could ask Tiger? 

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