Kittle reflects on 49ers' Super Bowl party, meeting Weezy


Win or lose, the show must go on. The 49ers fell short of a Super Bowl title in Miami Gardens, but still elected to host a pre-planned party held inside American Airlines Arena, the home of the NBA’s Miami Heat.

Lil Wayne, the artist who has such a dedicated fan in Kyle Shanahan that the 49ers coach named his first son after the rapper, and DaBaby reportedly were among the performers for the event.

George Kittle was asked about the event by reporters Thursday, and although he wasn’t thrilled about having to relive the crushing defeat in Super Bowl LIV, he did say the team tried to make the most of the event and celebrate what was a phenomenal season for San Francisco.

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"Obviously, it sucks (to lose the Super Bowl)," Kittle said (h/t 49ersWebZone). "But at the same time, we did have a fantastic season. It obviously just didn't end the way we wanted it to end. But we did get to celebrate the whole season we had. We had 13 wins, we had home-field advantage, dominated the first rounds of the playoffs that we played in. So yeah, we celebrated that.

"Was it as fun as it could have been? No, but I still enjoyed the hell out of it," Kittle added. "I got to meet Lil Wayne. That was on my bucket list. Now I have a selfie with Lil Wayne. I'll post that at some point in my life. I'm really looking forward to that.


"I had a good time with my teammates. I know not everyone showed up, but it was really fun to get up there and let it all loose and move on, honestly."

Kittle had a memorable offseason following the loss, as he became the NFL’s highest-paid tight end with a new contract extension. 

The 49ers will be hoping to be hosting another party after the Super Bowl next February in Tampa, but they’d all enjoy it a whole lot more if they can bring the Lombardi Trophy with them.