Kittle throws 49ers teammate under bus for gross game-day habit


Socks and football cleats seem like a pair that definitely shouldn't be broken up.

Unless you're 49ers defensive end Alex Barrett, that is.

George Kittle revealed Barrett's dirty little secret during a Super Bowl Radio Row interview with FanDuel TV's "Up & Adams" on Friday, after host Kay Adams asked him who "smells the worst" in San Francisco's locker room.

"There's a guy that sits in his locker next to me, great guy, lovely human being, Alex Barrett," Kittle told Adams. "He doesn't play with socks on. In his cleats, he plays barefoot. I know he likes his foot health, but those cleats don't smell great.

"He takes those off and I'm like, 'I'm going to just move a sec. I need a spray. Can we get a spray?' I'll bring it into the locker room, take care of that."

Kittle might want to watch his back, as there's no telling what kind of interesting habits of his Barrett could divulge.

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But with the 49ers' season officially over, Kittle's locker mate will have plenty of time to let his feet air out and recover from a hard-fought campaign.

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