Kittle knows importance of highly competitive NFC West games


The 49ers will face off against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4. A matchup that annually turns into metaphoric bloodshed between two heated rivals will take place Sunday, and the intensity isn’t escaping the team, especially tight end George Kittle.

“I think we’re very aware of it,” Kittle told reporters on Friday. “And I’m aware of it. I’ve been saying it for like three years -- I think it’s the best division in football.”

The NFC West rivalry between Seattle and San Francisco remains one of the biggest in football, but right now the division lead belongs to both the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals, who are both 3-0. 

“You got guys up and down every single roster, across the four teams,” Kittle added. “They’re all incredible football players, Pro Bowlers, All-Pro’s -- Chandler Jones gets five sacks a game, that’s crazy. I mean, they got the Cardinals are insane, Rams are clicking right now, they look hot. And in Seattle, when they have Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Jamal Adams -- like, they’re going to be a good football team regardless. I know they haven’t played at the level they want to play at, but you’re going to get their best every single time.”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll knows the 49ers have looked really good and notices the impact the team has on both sides of the football.

Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers' offense facing off against the Hawks defense will be fascinating to watch. Seattle's game plan more than likely will consist of pressuring the quarterback as early and often as possible. If Jimmy G can create as few mistakes as possible, and produce similarly to how he did in games prior, the team stands a good chance.


“I still think that we’re a fantastic football team with weapons all over the place and I just know that every time it’s going to be a divisional game, it’s going to be fireworks and a lot of punches,” Kittle said.

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Something only Kittle would embrace. 

“I love that,” Kittle added. “It’s going to be awesome because whoever gets out of it, it’s going to be the best team.”

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