Kittle shares great conversation with ref on Aiyuk TD in OT


George Kittle has the utmost confidence in his 49ers teammates at all times. 

On Brandon Aiyuk's game-winning touchdown that sealed a 49ers' 26-23 overtime win against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium, the play was initially ruled out of bounds.

Upon further review, Aiyuk snuck the ball around the pylon for a touchdown. 

After the game, Kittle -- who had a record-breaking performance Sunday -- revealed an interaction he had with a referee on Aiyuk's (eventual) go-ahead touchdown. 

"I knew he was in," Kittle told reporters postgame.

"It was fun too, the ref told me that there was a 'zero percent chance' he was in and I was like 'I ... don't know about that one, I wouldn't say zero.' But hey, kudos to Brandon [Aiyuk], he ran the heck out of that. It was like a little speed burst there at the end just to get in there. It was a hell of a play by him and a hell of a play call by Kyle [Shanahan]."

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Watching the play in real-time, it appeared as if Aiyuk had stepped out of bounds so it's only fair that the ref gets the benefit of the doubt. 

But a "zero percent chance?" 

That ref might need to watch more Aiyuk film. No play is ever impossible with his athleticism. 


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