How 49ers could blow the 2021 NFL Draft in McShay's eyes

/ by Dalton Johnson
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Just two weeks to go, and it can't come any quicker. 

The 2021 NFL Draft now is in the 49ers' hands. The draft start with the Niners on the clock, as the consensus is the Jacksonville Jaguars will take Trevor Lawrence No. 1 and the New York Jets will go with Zach Wilson No. 2. The majority of media members believe the 49ers will select Alabama QB Mac Jones at No. 3. 

But what if they don't? ESPN's Todd McShay says the 49ers are the best example of a team that can blow up the draft this year if they don't go with Jones. 

"Those early picks going a different direction are the most likely ones to "break a mock" because of how many picks it could mix up afterward, and right now, a change in the wind direction for San Francisco is the most likely thing that could happen in that regard," McShay wrote. 

McShay's co-worker Mel Kiper Jr. has the 49ers picking Jones in his latest mock draft. On Thursday he said it's about an 80 percent chance the 49ers agree on Jones. He gave Trey Lance a 15 percent chance and Justin Fields just a five percent chance. 

But he and many other insiders could be wrong come April 29. 

"Everything we're hearing right now indicates Shanahan is targeting Jones at No. 3, and it makes sense in a lot of ways," McShay wrote. "I can't shake this feeling that it's just going to play out a different way, though, and I don't think he's as talented as Lance or Fields.


"There will be plenty of intrigue when the 49ers are on the clock."

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Jones has been called a prototypical Shanahan quarterback. However, Shanahan might finally want a QB who change the game with his legs. Fields has 4.4 speed and Shanahan was all smiles Wednesday watching Fields air it out at his second pro day.

The wheel is at the hands of Shanahan and general manager John Lynch. Everything changes with their pick, including their own franchise for years to come.

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