How 49ers' Kyle Shanahan eventually moved on from Super Bowl LIV loss


Kyle Shanahan already has felt heartbreak in two separate Super Bowl losses: Once as an offensive coordinator with the Atlanta Falcons, and once as the 49ers' head coach. 

Now over five months removed from the 49ers' Super Bowl LIV loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Shanahan has moved on but admits it always will hurt

"I don't think you ever totally get over it," Shanahan said to NBC Sports' Chris Simms on the latest episode of "Chris Simms Unbuttoned." "But your depression leaves. I'd say that was getting over it. I went through February and March ... I mean, I wasn't in the best state."

Shanahan, 40, saw double-digit leads disappear in the fourth quarter of each of his Super Bowl appearances. Now, he knows how to put the latest loss into perspective.

No matter how much it hurt, which was a lot, Shanahan had to move forward eventually and focus on the next task at hand. 

"No one died," Shanahan said. "I still have my health. I still have my family, but man does it hurt when you know how close you were to something and you know how big of a deal it is, and how easily you feel like you could have done it. ... That's a hard thing to deal with in February and March, but you get over it because you love your life.

"You're still gonna go out there and work. It is just a sport, but it is my livelihood. That's where you get over the depression and everything. Now you get ready to go compete again. That's what I enjoy doing."


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The 49ers are expected to once again be favorites in the NFC this season, and Shanahan is focused more than ever on bringing a Super Bowl championship back to the Bay Area. He knows there are bigger things in life, but it's clear he can't wait for football to begin again.

"You're a husband first. You're a father first. You are not just a football coach," Shanahan said. "You can't let that define you, and you put it into perspective. That's what allows you to go on.

"But holy s--t do I want to get back there and get it done."

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