How Bosa's pressure enabled Greenlaw's pick-six vs. Lions


Dre Greenlaw was the man who crossed the goal line with the football on Sunday to give the 49ers the team's first defensive touchdown of the 2021 season, but NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger explains how Nick Bosa's relentless pressure helped make it happen.

"When Nick Bosa is on the field, he changes the whole game," Baldinger said.

Bosa's presence brought D'Andre Swift in to pass block on his side, which left Greenlaw to roam and end up picking off Jared Goff's pass for a 40-yard pick-six.

Baldinger also shared several clips of Bosa's impressive return to the field in a subsequent video, pointing out just how disruptive the young defensive lineman was.

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After tearing his ACL in Week 2 of the 2020 season, how Bosa would perform this season was somewhat of a mystery. Some players have a more difficult time recovering from a knee injury like the one Bosa suffered, especially players that rely on athleticism and strength to overpower opponents.

However, if Sunday's game was any indication, the 49ers' belief that Bosa will be better now than he was before the injury could end up being accurate. Bosa finished seventh among all edge rushers in the NFL in Week 1 with an 87.6 Pro Football Focus grade.

If he can continue to put pressure on opposing offensive lines with his tireless pursuit, the rest of the league will have a tough time against the 49ers' defense.

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