How 49ers QB Nick Mullens, teammates spent day as Google 'interns'


How 49ers QB Nick Mullens, teammates spent day as Google 'interns'

You remember the movie. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson arrive on the Google campus as the most mature interns in the movie impeccably titled "The Internship."

49ers quarterback Nick Mullens found himself in a similar scenario and described what it was like to have that title for the day in a first-person blog. 

The signal-caller began his essay by discussing how sports has been all he's known throughout his childhood. So when he received a text from his player engagement director to visit Google, he, and other members of the team "signed up right away."

"Our player engagement program gives us all the resources we might need for life outside of football," Mullens wrote in Google blog. "They take rookies through a series of classes and talk about just the adjustment into the NFL. There are so many new things that you have to learn: dealing with money, dealing with family, dealing with fame, dealing with stress. Recently we realized, hey, we’re in the Bay Area around all these big companies, so why not learn something great -- from Google?"

Google greeted the team with a welcome sign and "this cool light-up floor," followed by a YouTube presentation that demonstrated how the entire generation is changing and how social media impacts fans and people around the world.

"I mean, shoot, I view myself as a regular dude, but I learned there are people out there who would love to see what I and other professional athletes do on a daily basis."

Despite everything that happened during his "internship," the 24-year-old did have the highlight of the day -- and it, of course, had to do with football.

"But my favorite part of the day was hearing from Chase Williams, a former football player, and Googler," Mullens noted. "It was really cool to see an athlete make their way into the tech industry and to be successful after football."

It made Mullens think: What happens after football?

"The biggest struggle when leaving the NFL is that you’ve surrounded yourself with this game your entire life, doing the exact same thing over and over. When it’s over, what are you going to enjoy working on? What will you love more than the sport? What else will we be good at? During Chase’s presentation one of my teammates asked the question, 'I’ve been playing in the NFL for so long, what skills do I have for the workforce? I’ve just been playing football!'”

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The talk made Mullens realize he, and other players, have been developing these lessons after football all along.

But the question remains -- is Nick Mullens "Googley" enough?

49ers post Jimmy Garoppolo throwback ahead of 2020 virtual graduation

49ers post Jimmy Garoppolo throwback ahead of 2020 virtual graduation

During this unprecedented time, it’s not only sports that have taken a hiatus. This time of year, graduates of various schools will not be able to participate in the usual ceremonies we’re used to. 

The 49ers wanted to take it into their own hands by hosting a virtual graduation ceremony to honor the Class of 2020. 

And in order to get in the spirit of things, the team tweeted out an old school photo of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. It didn’t disappoint.

Oh yeah, check out that puka shell necklace. Never leave home without it.

The team also gave out superlatives to various players. Jimmy G was the “Best Smile,” of course, with Mike McGlinchey voted “Most Likely to win American Idol.” That probably has to do with that one time he did carpool karaoke with recently retired tackle Joe Staley.

Speaking of, Staley will be one of the commencement speakers at the ceremony.

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Country music star Tyler Rich will be performing as well.

The virtual ceremony for all levels of graduates will be streamed on 49ers.com, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter on Saturday at 5 p.m. PT.

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Enjoy NaVorro Bowman's birthday by reliving iconic 'Pick at the Stick'

Enjoy NaVorro Bowman's birthday by reliving iconic 'Pick at the Stick'

If NaVorro Bowman gets a birthday present half as good as the going-away gift he gave Candlestick Park, he's in line for a memorable day.

The former 49ers linebacker turned 32 on Thursday, just shy of a year after announcing his retirement from the NFL. Bowman made three Pro Bowls and was First Team All-Pro four times during parts of eight seasons with San Francisco, but his most memorable moment in red and gold came on Dec. 23, 2013.

That day marked the 49ers' last game at Candlestick Park before moving to Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, and Bowman sent the Niners' former home out with a bang. Bowman intercepted Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan's pass and returned it 89 yards for a touchdown to seal the 49ers' 34-24 win on "Monday Night Football," giving the home of some of the most iconic moments in NFL history one last taste of glory with the "Pick at the Stick."

Bowman chose a good time for the first -- and only -- TD of his NFL career, clinching the 49ers' third straight playoff appearance with the return. To date, that streak is the 49ers' only stretch of (at least) three consecutive postseason berths this century.

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The linebacker's 49ers career was more than just one moment, however, and Bowman was pivotal in the 49ers' 2010s resurgence. NBC Sports Bay Area's Matt Maiocco named Bowman one of the five best Niners of the decade, and San Francisco's run of three straight NFC Championship Game appearances simply doesn't happen without Bowman's steadiness.

What do you get the man who gave the 49ers everything? I don't envy his friends and family trying to buy presents.

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