Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker’s four-year, $20 million dollar extension might have just made the situation with Robbie Gould more challenging for the 49ers. 

Gould has refused to sign his franchise tender and asked to be traded to be closer to his family who remained in Chicago while he has played for the 49ers. The team reportedly will not trade the veteran kicker and as a result, there is a possibility that Gould will not report to the facility until just prior to the regular season. 

Tucker will receive an $8 million signing bonus and $12.5 million of his contract is fully guaranteed, making him the highest paid kicker in the league history at an average of $5 million per year. He has played in 112 games over his seven-year career with the Ravens and has made 237 of his 263 field goal attempts, giving him a 90.1-percent success rate. 

Gould, in comparison, has played in 208 games over his 14-year career. His career average is 87.7 percent but he was even better in 2018. He led the league with a 97.059 percent average, showing that he hasn’t lost a beat at 36 years old. The franchise tag would give him a $4.97 million payday for the season. 

Gould was also the leading scorer on the team in 2018, racking up 126 points with 33 field goals and 27 extra points made. The rest of the team only hit pay dirt 33 times with 26 passing touchdowns and seven on the ground. Gould was responsible for 38.8 percent of all points scored by the 49ers in 2018. 


With Gould’s track record, he could demand an even higher salary on the open market. During the offseason, he hinted that he was looking forward to weighing his options prior to being tagged by the team. 

When general manager John Lynch was asked about Gould’s status during his draft preview availability, he kept his statements succinct. He simply reported Gould will be a part of the team in 2019 even though he was unsure about when he would be reporting to the facility. 

“I can’t speak as to when he’s going to be here, but when we kick it off he’ll be here.”

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It looks as though the 49ers will not be pushed around and are willing to play hardball with their kicker.