How Juice does 'stupid stuff' to throw off opposing defenses


In the NFL, the competition is so fierce, that players will always be looking to gain an advantage wherever they can. 

That's where the mind games come into play. 

With coach Kyle Shanahan scheming up all sorts of creative plays for the 49ers offense, there are so many intricacies that go into each play. 

Ahead of San Francisco's "Monday Night Football" matchup in Week 10 against the Los Angeles Rams at Levi's Stadium, ESPN's Nick Wagoner and Lindsey Thiry wrote an article about the unique relationship between Shanahan and Rams coach Sean McVay and the complexities of their offense, specifically the pre-snap motion both teams utilize. 

Among the 49ers' leaders on offense, is fullback Kyle Juszczyk, who finds himself in motion a whopping 41 percent of the time prior to the snap. The veteran fullback goes above and beyond, and even makes check calls, alerts the quarterback of shifts by the defense, and throws out a little bit of nonsense with some dummy calls in an attempt to confuse defenders. 

"I'll do some stupid stuff sometimes," Juszczyk said. "I'll yell, like, 'Taco, taco, hot sauce, hot sauce,' I try to make it as ridiculous as possible."

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NFL teams have used absurd words and phrases before when calling out plays, shifts, formations, etc. Juszczyk though, enjoys the trickery, whether or not opposing defenses fall for it. 

If it doesn't keep Rams defenders on the toes Monday night, the very least it will do is make them a little hungry. 


Chess, not checkers. 

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