Kittle advocates for two bye weeks, reveals money spent on body


In the NFL, taking care of your body is one of the biggest keys to having long-term success in the league. 

Just ask Tom Brady. 

On the latest episode of comedian Kevin Hart's "Cold As Balls" show, 49ers tight end George Kittle was asked about the physical toll that football players experience playing in the NFL and advocated for a second bye week during the 17-game season. 

"There's a huge physical toll," Kittle told Hart. "And like, 17 games is a lot. It's a lot of games, with one bye, whether it's Week 4 or the bye is Week 11. I'm advocating for two byes."

"But the physical toll you feel it week in and week out."

Hart then brought up former Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison and the amount of money he invested into his body while playing in the league, then asked Kittle for a "ballpark" estimate of how much he spends yearly. 

"Couple hundred thousand," Kittle revealed. "Couple hundred."

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As shocking as that number might sound, a couple hundred thousand is just a fraction of what some players around the league spend. Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson reportedly spends upwards of $1 million per year on his body. 

In the NFL you have to take recovery, nutrition and your overall health very seriously, or else your career won't last very long. Just like Wilson, Brady and many others around the league, Kittle is hoping that investment pays off long-term. 


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