How Sherman sees Jimmy G, Lance situation playing out

Richard Sherman Jimmy Garoppolo

Richard Sherman has seen just how great the 49ers can be when he and Jimmy Garoppolo both are healthy. Just look at the 2019 season. 

Sherman played 15 games while Garoppolo played all 16 regular-season games for the first time in his career. All the 49ers did was win 13 games, become NFC West champions and make it all the way to Super Bowl LIV. 

So, what does the free-agent cornerback think about the 49ers trading up to draft QB Trey Lance with the No. 3 pick? 

"I see it playing out exactly like Kyle said it would," Sherman said Wednesday morning on ESPN's "First Take." "I see Jimmy G being the starter, he has a fantastic grasp of the offense. He knows the team, he has the respect of his men and he's already led him to a Super Bowl. I see Trey learning behind him and if something crazy happens and Jimmy gets banged up or something like that, I think they'd be really comfortable putting Trey in there and letting him learn the offense and letting him get his reps."

The plan is for Garoppolo to remain the starter going into the 2021 season. However, coach Kyle Shanahan has made it clear he won't be afraid to use Lance when he deems him ready to play. 

Sherman clearly believes the 49ers don't want to rush the rookie, though. 

"I don't think they want to throw him in the fire if they don't have to," Sherman said. 

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Though Garoppolo's long-term future with the 49ers remains uncertain, he at least still has a home at Levi's Stadium for now. Sherman, however, still is a free agent but a reunion could be in the books

One thing is true, though: A healthy Garoppolo and Sherman has been a winning formula for the 49ers in the past. Perhaps it will be again this season.

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