How Wilson turned 'uh-oh' moment into crazy TD vs. 49ers

Russell Wilson

The 49ers are all too familiar with Russell Wilson's magic tricks.

On the opposing end of many of Wilson's most impressive evasions, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback did it to them again Sunday afternoon in Week 4.

What should have been a sack resulted in a Seahawks touchdown. The 49ers' defense is not the least bit surprised given how many times they've seen something like that ever since Wilson's rookie season in 2012.

San Francisco's defensive line sacked Wilson three times in the first quarter, but failed to record another sack throughout the rest of the game.

The 49ers' defense sent both defensive end Nick Bosa and cornerback Dontae Johnson off the edge in pursuit of Wilson, which was an "uh-oh" moment at first.

“We had Dontae [Johnson] rushing off the edge, and whenever you see [Nick] Bosa right there next to you too, both of them, it’s kind of like ‘uh-oh,’“ Wilson told reporters after the game.

Wilson added that he believes the play was one of the 10 best of his career thus far, and the case certainly can be made.

Wilson and the Seahawks once again came out on top against the 49ers at home. Both teams finish Week 4 with a 2-2 record, but because Seattle has the head-to-head tie-breaker over San Francisco, the 49ers are in last place in the NFC West.

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The 49ers travel to Arizona to face the Cardinals in Week 5, while the Seahawks host the Los Angeles Rams at home on Thursday night. 

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