The Seattle Seahawks added one of the best, most dynamic safeties in the NFL on Saturday. But he came at a steep price. 

Seattle acquired Jamal Adams from the New York Jets for a 2021 first-round draft pick, a 2021 third-round draft pick, a 2022 first-round draft pick and safety Bradley McDougald. That is a lot, a whole lot. 

There's no denying Adams joining the Seahawks is a nightmare for the 49ers in the short term. He's a game-changer who can be used all over the field. Through three seasons, the strong safety has 12 sacks, six forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries and two interceptions. 

While the Seahawks narrowed the gap with the 49ers in the NFC West, the real question is, did Seattle give away too much to bring in Adams? Here's how the experts graded the trade. 

Bill Barnwell, ESPN

Jets grade: B+
Seahawks grade: C+
"In a vacuum, trading this sort of haul for a safety -- even one as talented as Adams -- is a bad idea."

Sheil Kapadia, The Athletic

Jets grade: A-
Seahawks grade: C-

"Even if Adams plays at an All-Pro level, the ceiling for their defense seems limited. And to keep him for the long term, the Seahawks will have to make Adams among the highest-paid safeties."


Chris Ryan,

Jets grade: A-
Seahawks grade: B

"The Seahawks gave up a lot to acquire Adams, and they will also have to pay him if they want to keep him around long term. Given the trade package, they certainly intend on it."

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Patrik Walker, CBS Sports

Jets grade: B-
Seahawks grade: B+

"Time will tell if this is the right move for the Jets, but the reality is they just took a massive step in the wrong direction as it pertains to fielding the most competitive team they could in 2020."

Tom Gatto, Sporting News

Jets grade: A
Seahawks grade: B

"It's hard to go much lower even with the multiple high draft picks going out. Seattle got a Kam Chancellor/Earl Thomas type, a safety who can play in the box, on the edge or in coverage."

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