Tartt reveals friendly rivalry with Pettis in 49ers camp

USA Today

SANTA CLARA — A few days after Fred Warner and Raheem Mostert dusted it up during 49ers practice, Dante Pettis and Jaquiski Tartt revealed their rivalry. 

Pettis had a solid performance on Sunday, mostly on the field with the 1s. Tartt was often in the vicinity to make the “tackle” when the wide receiver made his grabs and their interactions appeared run-of-the-mill. 

Practice ended with a touchdown from Jimmy Garoppolo to Pettis during a “move the ball” period. Right after the score, the wide receiver went all the way to the opposite side of the field looking for the safety. Pettis and Tartt seems to jaw back and forth a bit before Pettis re-joined the offense.

After practice, Tartt revealed that wasn’t the whole story. On a play much earlier in practice, defensive back Emmanuel Moseley tipped a ball that was intended for Pettis. Tartt was able to snag the ball to record an interception.  

“I got the ball and gave it to him and told him he needed to catch it,” Tartt said. “Then he scored and came back and tried to tell me the same thing.”

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Tartt recounted the story with a smile, clearly appreciating the competition with his teammate.