York knew Lance was 49ers' pick, had Twitter fun with fans


Fans desperately tried to read between the lines on 49ers CEO Jed York's tweets leading up to the selection of Trey Lance in the 2021 NFL Draft, but it turns out he just was having a little fun on social media.

General manager John Lynch confirmed in his press conference Thursday that he and coach Kyle Shanahan informed York of the pick Wednesday.

"So, officially this Monday, Kyle and I kind of tied it, put a bow on it, and said, ‘This is where we're going.’ We did that, and I believe it was Wednesday when we told Jed, I think," Lynch said in response to a question from NBC Sports Bay Area's Jennifer Lee Chan. "He’ll tweet it out here. But yeah, we let him know on Wednesday and that was the extent of it."

York started the day sharing his desire to Tweet through the franchise's big day.

As news broke about the 49ers reportedly reaching out to the Green Bay Packers to gauge interest in a trade for Aaron Rodgers, York continued to keep his followers posted on his wherabouts, jokingly indicating his interest in bringing a franchise icon out of retirement.

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After the final pre-draft meeting of the day with Lynch and Shanahan, York said he chose not to be notified of the team's plans with the No. 3 pick, wanting to be kept in suspense.


York then asked how many miles he should include in his run that day, throwing some numbers out that aligned with college jersey numbers of the quarterbacks expected to go in the first round.

Even as the 49ers went on the clock, York decided to fire off one last joke before they selected Lance.

York and the 49ers secured the player they believe will be the franchise quarterback going forward. You can't blame York for being excited and deciding to toy with NFL Twitter's emotions a little bit.

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