An apology one day later wasn't enough in Jerick McKinnon's eyes. When Saints quarterback Drew Brees tried to right a wrong Thursday morning for his "insensitive" comments regarding peacefully protesting by kneeling during the national anthem, the 49ers running back made his thoughts quite clear. 

Yeah, he wasn't having it. 

Fellow 49ers teammate Richard Sherman said Brees is "beyond lost" on Wednesday, and former 49ers defensive tackle Ian Williams, who now works for NBC Sports Bay Area, was "sickened" by Brees' words

Even Brees' teammates spoke up. Star receiver Michael Thomas made his thoughts loud and clear on Twitter and safety Malcolm Jenkins posted an impassioned video where he even tells his QB to "shut the f--k up" at one point.

Cal alum and Saints star defensive end Cam Jordan called Brees yesterday after hearing his words. 

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"I feel like I gave him my perspective -- it was almost like I was trying to force him to walk a mile in my shoes -- and I hope it gets through," Jordan told Wednesday night. "I hope it gets through to my guy Drew, because that's what he is ... he's been my guy since I entered the league (in 2011).


"He's been the leader and a guy I can rely on -- on the field. Well, off the field has to align. I can't allow people to tippy-toe on the line of this issue. You can't play both sides on this one. We're fighting to end social injustice, and you're either with us or you aren't."

McKinnon's response was a strong one, no doubt. He also likely won't be the last player to be blunt with his feelings regarding Brees' comments.

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