Antonio Brown's time with the Pittsburgh Steelers might -- or might not -- come to an end at the start of the NFL's 2019 league year in March. 

Despite the drama and the hard feelings on both sides of the fence in the Steel City, legendary 49ers receiver Jerry Rice said Monday that a team acquiring Brown wouldn't have to worry about the superstar's ego.

"I communicate back and forth with this guy all the time, and we know exactly what he's all about," Rice said Monday on 95.7 The Game. "Even if he came to the San Francisco 49ers, he's not gonna be one of those guys to come in and really hurt this team. He's not going to be a bad influence. I can vouch for him." 

Rice and Brown are close, and the duo reportedly is responsible for much of the speculation surrounding Brown and the 49ers. The Hall of Famer said Brown wants to play for San Francisco, and he told 95.7 The Game earlier this month that the 49ers should try to acquire Brown after his relationship with the Steelers soured.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Rice offered to help Brown assimilate to the Bay Area, assuming he can get there in the first place. 


"I don't even know even know if we're gonna get the opportunity to bring him here, but if we do, I'm gonna be right there to mentor this guy and be around him," Rice said. "He's been talking about this forever, 'I want to run the hill with Jerry Rice. I want to work out with Jerry Rice. I want to pick his brain, and see what made him so successful.' I think he's a great football player, and he'd be a great addition."

Terrell Owens, another former 49ers receiver with a bust in Canton, said Friday that Brown has been asking him about the Bay Area. If Brown's Photoshop dreams come true, he'll have quite the braintrust in his corner.