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Why Collinsworth says Jimmy G fits 49ers better than Rodgers

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The Green Bay Packers run the same offensive system as the 49ers.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur, who worked eight seasons under then-offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, took much of the same offense into his first head-coaching job. LaFleur also inherited one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

But, as Sunday Night Football on NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth sees it, the mix of a Shanahan-esque offense and an obstinate Aaron Rodgers provides a good example of why Jimmy Garoppolo is a good fit for the 49ers.

“I think Green Bay would be a good point of comparison,” Collinsworth said during an appearance on 49ers Talk when asked about Garoppolo.

“Green Bay wants Aaron Rodgers to start fitting within that system. Think of if Aaron Rodgers were inside the San Francisco 49ers system, which effectively it is. It’s the same style of play. Would you expect Aaron Rodgers to continue to do what he’s doing now? Which is sort of dropping back, and moving around, and finding space up in the pocket or make those snap throws you see from Garoppolo in this offense?”

Collinsworth says the Shanahan offense is based on the quarterback being well-schooled within the system and making correct, decisive reads based on the play call and the design of the opposing defense. He said the system is not built for the quarterback to ad-lib and play off-script.

“I still get the feeling a little bit with the Packers, that there’s this, Aaron Rodgers has his way of playing football and Matt LaFleur has his way that he wants him to play inside this offense, and can they make all that work?” Collinsworth said.

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Garoppolo’s willingness to execute the offense the way it is installed should lead to his continued growth inside Shanahan’s scheme. It should also lead to a long and successful union between quarterback and head coach.

Said Collinsworth, “So to some extent, the fact that Garoppolo wants to play inside this offense, makes him valuable to Kyle Shanahan.”