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Jimmy G says 49ers can't ignore significant Week 1 injuries

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Jimmy Garoppolo

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.V. — The topic could not be ignored.

After a year in which the 49ers’ roster was decimated by injuries, the 2021 season did not get off to a good start Sunday in Detroit.

The 49ers lost two potential Pro Bowl-caliber players for the season in running back Raheem Mostert and cornerback Jason Verrett.

The 49ers knew of Verrett’s season-ending ACL injury at the time. His teammates found out shortly after the 41-33 victory over the Lions.

On Tuesday, Mostert announced he was opting for season-ending surgery on his knee so he has a better chance of bouncing back strong in 2022.

“With Raheem, it really sucks. It does,” 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo said. “There’s no way around it. It’s one of those tough breaks for him. Just get started, off to a hot start like that, and then you lose him. We’re going to miss him.”

Following the game Sunday, the 49ers traveled from Detroit to West Virginia. They will practice for three days before going on to Philadelphia for their Week 2 game.

Garoppolo said there is an emphasis for players to not get into the mindset that the 2021 season is going to be a repeat of last year. He said players have to focus on doing the things that can help them prevent injuries.

“The last two days, working out here, it’s been talked about,” Garoppolo said. “It’s something that you have to address. It’s not like you can avoid it in any way.”

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On a muggy day at The Greenbrier, an exclusive resort in the Allegheny Mountain Range, Garoppolo said it is more important than ever for players to be disciplined in their approaches toward taking care of their bodies.

“You got to stay hydrated, do all the little things behind the scenes, getting with the trainers, getting with the body maintenance people,” Garoppolo said. “There’s a million little things that go into it. We just can’t get lazy, especially, early in the season.

“It’s going to translate to later in the year and on and on. It’s all tied together. I think attacking it early and getting on the right page, we’ll be in the right spot.”

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