Jimmy Garoppolo takes ownership for 49ers' lack of completions vs. Seahawks

Jimmy Garoppolo takes ownership for 49ers' lack of completions vs. Seahawks

SANTA CLARA — New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, had a valid point after Super Bowl XLVI: that it takes two players to complete a pass in football, and even her six-time champion husband can't do it all. 
After several dropped passes in the 49ers' 27-24 loss to the Seahawks, San Francisco signal-caller Jimmy Garoppolo echoed the same philosophy but instead, took much more of the onus on himself. 

“Whenever there are drops, it takes the guy throwing the ball and [the guy] catching the ball,” Garoppolo said on Wednesday. “Obviously I could throw it better to make it easier for those guys.”

Garoppolo only completed 24 of his 46 attempts for 248 yards which is just over 52 percent, his lowest completion rate of the season. Even in Week 7 in rainy Washington, where he had a lower rating, he had a slightly higher completion percentage of 57 percent.  

Jimmy G is consistent with every report from the 49ers' locker room over the past three seasons that there is no finger pointing. Rather, it’s a consensus that everyone needs to be better at their job collectively to improve as a team. 

“Those guys work their ass off,” Garoppolo said of his receivers. “They really do. They come in every day with a good mindset and it’s just when your number gets called you have to take advantage of the opportunities because in the league, we all know, you don’t get too many of them, so when you do, you have to take advantage of it.”  

Outside of Emmanuel Sanders, who left the game early with a rib injury, the receiving group in Santa Clara is young. Rookie Deebo Samuel was Garoppolo's top target on Monday night. Marquise Goodwin is the only member of the group that has at least three full seasons worth of experience under his belt. He was only on the field for 10 snaps against the Seahawks. 

Because the group is young, Garoppolo has to find a balance between giving constructive criticism to players and pumping up their confidence after mistakes. 

“There’s a fine line between it,” Garoppolo said. “You want to pick guys up especially after a tough drop or whatever it is but like I said before, it takes a guy to throw the ball and catch the ball to complete a pass. I just got to be more accurate. Make it easier for those guys and help them out.”

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Garoppolo, who spent extra time with Sanders upon his arrival to work on their chemistry, is always willing to do the same with all of his receivers. He is not worried about the offense bouncing back as a group, wide receivers in particular. 

“Obviously the more reps you get, the more practice, the better off you’ll be,” Garoppolo said. “But we’ve been pretty good up until this point. Had a little bit of a fluke in the last game with the drops and everything but you can’t overstress it. Let those guys go play, let them play ball. They are going to make plays, they are good players out there.”  

2020 NFL Draft: Hits, misses from No. 13 overall pick in last 20 years

2020 NFL Draft: Hits, misses from No. 13 overall pick in last 20 years

Up until March 16, the 49ers owned the second-to-last pick in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Sure, a star at No. 31 overall was a dream scenario but now it feels like fans expect one to come to San Francisco with their top pick in the draft. 

That top pick now comes at No. 13, 18 spots higher than 31. The 49ers surprisingly traded star defensive lineman DeForest Buckner to the Indianapolis Colts for the higher draft pick, and now can have a chance to add a needed weapon to Kyle Shanahan's offense. 

There certainly is the chance the 49ers take an offensive lineman, cornerback or defensive lineman with their top pick. But if any of the top three receivers -- Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb and Henry Ruggs -- still are available, it will be hard for general manager John Lynch to pass them up. 

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Now that the 49ers have the No. 13 pick, we looked back at best and worst choices from that selection since the 2000 draft. All in all, three players that were taken with the 13th pick have been named First-Team All-Pro since the millennium and nine players have made a Pro Bowl.

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NFL Draft 2020: 49ers fans don't want to trade down from No. 13 pick


NFL Draft 2020: 49ers fans don't want to trade down from No. 13 pick

The Faithful have spoken, and they’re not too enthused about the 49ers potentially trading the earlier of two first-round picks in this month’s NFL draft.

Over two-thirds of the respondents to the Pro Football Focus’ 49ers-dedicated Twitter account indicated they don’t want San Francisco to trade down from the No. 13 overall pick on April 23.

The 49ers didn’t have the selection until they traded defensive tackle DeForest Buckner to the Indianapolis Colts. San Francisco’s first pick otherwise would’ve occurred at No. 31 overall, and the 49ers still don’t have picks in the draft’s second, third or fourth rounds.

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Trading down from one -- or both -- of their first-round selections would help the 49ers recoup some much-needed draft picks. San Francisco’s roster is set to become more expensive as its young core gets older, with tight end George Kittle’s potentially record-setting contract extension likely to loom over the coming season.

Finding contributors on rookie contracts, like edge rusher Nick Bosa and wide receiver Deebo Samuel last season, will become even more crucial if the 49ers are going to keep their title window open. They need not look any further than the NFC West rival Los Angeles Rams for how quickly a window can close in the absence of affordable talent.

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Dealing either of their first-round picks would help the 49ers replenish the cupboard, but they also won’t have as much high-end talent to choose from if they trade back from No. 13. NBC Sports Bay Area’s Dalton Johnson and Josh Schrock projected the 49ers would select Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs at that pick, with Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy and Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb -- two of the draft’s best options -- coming off the board in the two prior picks.

Receiver isn’t the 49ers’ only position of need, but they might not be able to address it as well in a trade down as they would just by drafting the best available player at the position at No. 13. Coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch will address this exact dilemma when the draft begins later this month, but it’s clear many of their fans already have a preferred solution.