Jimmy G not worried about offensive struggles in practice

Jimmy Garoppolo

SANTA CLARA -- The 49ers' offense had a tougher time at Friday’s practice in Levi’s Stadium, but Jimmy Garoppolo remained calm, trusting the process. 

Last offseason, rumors of Garoppolo’s demise were greatly exaggerated after he threw five straight interceptions in practice. Just a few months later, he led his team to Super Bowl LIV. 

This week, the 49ers quarterback threw three picks during one practice, but Garoppolo remains confident it’s all part of getting back on the field after an extended time off. He never appears flustered or panicked, which is a quality his teammates and coaches appreciate. 

With only 80 players allowed on the training camp roster, there has been a much different rotation of players as the coaching staff attempts to not overwork them. Add a few injuries to the mix and there is a completely different set of skill players on the field. 

“Any interception is a bad interception,” Garoppolo said. “But in training camp, it’s a little different. You’re working with guys who you haven’t worked with before so you want to take some chances, see what guys can do, see what I can do, there are a ton of variables.” 

In addition to the injuries at wide receiver, Garoppolo also was without tight end George Kittle and fullback Kyle Juszczyk at Friday’s practice. While the quarterback didn’t throw any interceptions, the offense was stifled and inconsistent. 


After the opening drive of practice, Garoppolo and the offense were unable to string a significant number of plays together. Five “drives” ended with the punt unit on the field. 

Finally, at the end of practice, the offense put together a series of 12 plays that ended in a touchdown pass from Garoppolo to tight end Jordan Reed. It still didn't look like a well-oiled machine, but there was progress. 

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Garoppolo is taking it all in stride knowing that the 49ers still have two weeks before they face off with the Arizona Cardinals on Sept. 13. With or without interceptions, Jimmy G remains unflustered and calm. 

“If it was a real game I’d feel a little differently about it,” Garoppolo said. “Those interceptions in practice, you never want them to happen, but sometimes they are a good learning experience.”