Jimmy Garoppolo will soon return to 49ers' sideline as rehab continues

Jimmy Garoppolo will soon return to 49ers' sideline as rehab continues

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is nearing the stage of his rehabilitation that will enable him to make his return to the 49ers’ sideline.

Garoppolo's season ended when he tore the ACL in his left knee during the 49ers’ Week 3 game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Garoppolo underwent surgery on Oct. 3. He recently was allowed to jettison his crutches to walk without assistance.

Next up, Garoppolo will be allowed to travel with the team and watch games from the sideline, coach Kyle Shanahan told NBC Sports Bay Area.

“The Tuesday after the Monday night game is the first time he was off his crutches, so it’s been nice for him to come out to practice and things like that,” Shanahan said. “There’s one more week before the doctors allow him to travel. So he’ll be able to come on some road trips with us.”

Garoppolo was shown to a national television audience during the 49ers’ game against the New York Giants watching the game from a suite at Levi’s Stadium. Former 49ers general manager Scot McCloughan asked on Twitter why Garoppolo was not with his teammates on the sideline.

Shanahan answered the question, stating that the 49ers’ medical staff was following its long-standing policy. Running back Jerick McKinnon, who also tore his ACL, was not been allowed on the team’s sideline until now.

“It’s not my rule. It’s the same rule that our doctors had when he was here,” Shanahan said of McCloughan's comments. “We have a policy here when guys are on crutches. They have a certain amount of time to return from injury. And when they’re on crutches we don’t allow them on the sideline. We don’t think they can protect themselves.

“That was a rule that was made before I was here. I think Scot would remember because he was here, too. It’s the same doctors, so I think he knows the answer to that. Fortunately, McKinnon just got cleared last week, and Jimmy will be cleared for our next home game.”

Garoppolo is attending all meetings and spends a lot of time with the team’s other quarterbacks: Nick Mullens, C.J. Beathard and Tom Savage, who was waived Saturday but is likely to be re-signed.

When the 49ers return to Levi’s Stadium for their Dec. 9 game against the Denver Broncos, Garoppolo is expected to be on the sideline.

“Of course, Jimmy wants to be down there. It’s a lot more fun. He wants to be with his teammates, but that’s our team’s policy, and it’s a pretty smart one,” Shanahan said. “We’d love to have guys down there to watch and be close, so people don’t get upset with them. But I’d also rather them stay healthy and not get injured for no reason.”

Kyle Shanahan glad John Lynch has to work out George Kittle's contract

Kyle Shanahan glad John Lynch has to work out George Kittle's contract

George Kittle's contract negotiation will continue to be the talk of 49ers training camp until the star tight end puts pen to paper.

The 49ers and Kittle reportedly still are far apart in negotiations as Kittle looks to secure a payday that sees him get paid as a top-pass catcher and not just a tight end.

As negotiations continue, coach Kyle Shanahan is happy to have Kittle at camp and is glad it's general manager John Lynch's job to work out the contract.

"That's why we're doing everything we can to make sure he's here for a long time," Shanahan said Thursday on KNBR's "Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks." "Lots of stuff to talk through with that. Stuff that I am very glad I don't get paid to do. I'm very glad I can sit here and talk mainly football, and enjoy that stuff with George. That's been great with him because he's been great in the walk-throughs, great in the meetings.

"I know right now, as we speak, every day, I know John's upstairs working his butt off talking to Kittle's agent, and those two are trying to work it out."

Kittle is entering the final year of a four-year contract he signed as a fifth-round draft pick in 2017. Kittle is set to make $2.133 million this season.

Since 2017, Kittle has emerged as the top tight end in football. He's not only a dominant force in the passing game but also is a key piece of the 49ers' rushing attack as one of the best blockers in the NFL. Kittle is the only tight end in 49ers history to record a 1,000-yard season and he set the NFL's single-season record for receiving yards by a tight end in 2018 with 1,377. He followed that up with 1,053 yards and five touchdowns in 14 games last season.

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While negotiations haven't yielded anything yet, Shanahan has a good feeling everything will get done.

“We don’t have to say how important George is to us,” Shanahan said. “Not only being the best tight end, to me, in the league but also the type of person he is. We’re doing everything we can to get that done. I do feel good about it. It was great to see George today for the first time.

“It was great to see George again today. No one’s changed, and I feel really good about this going forward and I’m optimistic about it. Hopefully, something will happen sooner than later. I’m not too concerned about it, though."

The 49ers will pay Kittle, of that there is little doubt.

The only question remaining is: How much will the best tight in football settle for?

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Kyle Shanahan already seeing 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo take next step

Kyle Shanahan already seeing 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo take next step

After coming six minutes short of a Super Bowl title, the 49ers spent all offseason defending quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Sure, they internally discussed bringing in Tom Brady, but Garoppolo was always going to be their guy. The 28-year-old is coming off a solid season that saw him complete 69.1 percent of his passes and finish in the top five in touchdowns (27), completion percentage (69.1) and yards per attempt (8.4) while leading the 49ers to a berth in Super Bowl LIV.

Both coach Kyle Shanahan and Garoppolo have been open and honest about the fact that the quarterback can make a big improvement during the 2020 season. Through the virtual offseason program and early on in training camp, Shanahan already is seeing Garoppolo take the next step and is confident his quarterback can make the necessary improvements in his second full season as a starter.

"Jimmy did some real good things, but he's just getting started," Shanahan said Thursday on KNBR's "Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks." "And that's why Jimmy's not a finished product. He's almost a second-year quarterback with a lot more mental experience because he's been around the league. But I'm excited for him to go into his second year, especially, last year when he came back, coming back from the ACL, just in training camp and stuff, he worked hard on all the mental stuff. But you can tell what a guy's concern is. When you're coming off an ACL, your concern is, 'Man, can I do this?' That takes a guy a while to get into stuff.

"Me seeing him now, talking to him on Zooms, but really just seeing him throwing with the wideouts on air, and getting into these walk-throughs, you can tell that he wasn't working on his ACL all offseason. He's been working on everything that he learned through his experiences of last season. And when you can do that, I don't see how you won't get better."

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Garoppolo was a little rusty during the first half of the 2019 season. Shanahan has admitted he relied more on the run game to try and ease his quarterback back into the flow after Garoppolo missed almost the entire 2018 season with a torn ACL.

But Garoppolo started to find a flow during the second half of the season, leading the 49ers to come-from-behind wins against the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams. The 49ers didn't ask a lot of Garoppolo in the NFC playoffs, as they used their running game to steamroll the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers.

Garoppolo had an up-and-down performance in Super Bowl LIV against the Kansas City Chiefs. He was efficient during the second and third quarters when the 49ers built their lead, but the later overthrow of Emmanuel Sanders is the play that will stick in everyone's mind.

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Garoppolo and the 49ers enter the 2020 NFL season with revenge on their mind.

Armed with a loaded roster that is ready to win now, the 49ers are primed to get back to the Super Bowl and finish the job this time around.

If Garoppolo can make the leap Shanahan expects out of him, that could be the final piece in a championship puzzle for the 49ers.