Montana jokes Marino owes him drink ahead of 49ers-Dolphins


Joe Montana and Dan Marino are two parts of the "Greatest Quarterback of All-Time" debate. One that also involves Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and John Elway. One that asks whether championships, performance in the clutch, statistics or adversity is more important.

While the GOAT debate is one that will go on until this rock we're living on is nothing but desert hellscape and ocean water, we do know one thing that might set Montana apart from Marino.

With the 49ers and Dolphins set to play Sunday at Levi's Stadium, Montana thought it would be a good time to zing his old rival with a tweet featuring an old Diet Pepsi commercial both starred in. In the commercial, Montana buys Marino a soda and the Dolphins gunslinger vows to get the next round the following year.

That apparently never happened.

It's all good fun until someone reneges on their promise.

Montana and Marino went toe-to-toe in Super Bowl XIX,with the 49ers earning a 38-16 victory to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Marino went on to put up historic numbers for that era but never won the big one, while Montana went 4-0 in the big game and took home Super Bowl MVP honors three times.

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Perhaps the two legends can enjoy an ice-cold Diet Pepsi over Zoom this weekend when the struggling 49ers and lowly Dolphins tangle.

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