Montana's advice to Jimmy G, Lance comes down to one word

Jimmy Garoppolo Trey Lance

Joe Montana is a four-time Super Bowl champion, two-time NFL MVP and many 49ers fans still will argue the Hall of Fame quarterback is the greatest of all time at his position. 

Along the way of his storied career, Montana also wore the shoes of both Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance. He has been the new QB in town and the veteran with a young player waiting for his turn to hold the keys as the face of the franchise. 

So, what advice would Montana give to Garoppolo and Lance? One word: Patience. 

"I had it from both ends," Montana said during a Thursday morning AMA with Bleacher Report. "When I first got there, it was myself and Steve DeBerg, so I was being put into situations like Trey is being put into now. The person it’s toughest on is Jimmy. Trying not to let coming off the field affect you when you go back on the field is hard.

"Hopefully, he can find a way to be patient with it. Trey has got to do the same thing. He has to be patient. They brought him in for a reason."

Through two games this season, the veteran, Garoppolo, has led the 49ers to two wins. 

Garoppolo is completing 70.9 percent of his passes for 503 yards and two touchdowns. He hasn't been intercepted yet, and he also has one rushing touchdown. 


Lance entered early in the 49ers' season opener and threw a TD on his first pass attempt in the NFL. But, he didn't play a single snap in the 49ers' Week 2 win against the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Despite the fact that Montana asked the 49ers for a trade once it became evident that it was Steve Young's time to be San Francisco's signal-caller, he fully understands why the Niners traded up to the No. 3 pick in the 2021 draft to take Lance. 

"Jimmy hasn’t been able to stay healthy, but when he’s in the game he plays well," Montana said. "They had to have some kind of security. They had to go find a guy they believe who can play in that system. He’s gonna get opportunities. He’ll have his chance.

"With the ways things are now, you’re seeing QBs play until they are 44. He may have a long time ahead of him. They’re totally different players."

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When it comes down to it, patience remains the answer to Montana.

"Jimmy is just gonna have to find a way to deal with it," he said.

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