Montana's surprise answer on QB who most resembles himself

Joe Montana

Ever since he last played in 1994, Joe Montana has heard the comparisons. The only quarterback truly worthy of comparison is Tom Brady, who now has seven Super Bowl rings to Montana's four. 

However, the current QB who resembles Montana's game the most to the man himself might come as a big surprise. That would be none other than Russell Wilson.

"The guy in Seattle," Montana said during a Thursday morning AMA with Bleacher Report. "He’s a pocket guy. He can run if he has to run. He can move around in the pocket, but he’s not a pure runner.

"That wasn’t me, I wasn’t a pure runner."

Wilson is seen as a dual-threat quarterback. Montana was not. 

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Montana finished his 15-year career with 20 rushing touchdowns. Wilson, who now is in his 10th NFL season, already has 21 career rushing TDs. Montana rushed for 1,676 yards in his career. Wilson has rushed for 4,531. 

The fact is, QBs weren't really runners during Montana's career. He had great mobility in the pocket, just as Wilson does. But that doesn't change the fact that comparing Wilson and Montana still might come as a surprise to many.

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