Staley details key to post-49ers weight loss, what he misses most


By all accounts, Joe Staley's post-football career appears to be doing well. Not just physically of course, as the former 49ers tackle has lost a substantial amount of weight since retiring from his 13-year career.

Staley, who will join NBC Sports Bay Area as a 49ers analyst, has a workout regimen, is eating better and trying to maintain more of a schedule since saying goodbye to his football-playing days. 

“I did get down, I was like 245, and I played at like 310 so, I can’t do quick math, but that’s what? 65? I believe that’s what it was,” Staley told Matt Maiocco and Laura Britt on 49ers Talk. “I’m about, 260. I lost about 50 pounds. I enjoyed this summer.”

Staley said Peloton helped a lot as well.

“I definitely have to keep a regimen, a workout regimen,” Staley said. “It’s been a big part of my life, and in all honesty, I think anybody that played a competitive sport or just as long as I did, it becomes like very much a part of your life. So, I had to start my day working out.” 

He arrived at 49ers training camp recently and was testing the coaching waters in Costa Mesa, with the approval of head coach Kyle Shanahan of course. 

But during his playing days, Staley's weight would fluctuate consistently.


“I was the guy that when practice and training camp would always weigh in after practice and lose 10 pounds,” Staley added.

It might have been almost as bad as Alex Mack’s situation, where he had to tuck a towel inside his pants to combat against sweat, making it easier for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to grip the ball successfully. 

“I also put 10 pounds on throughout the day,” he added. “That’s also not healthy.”

Staley was drafted by the 49ers in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft. He started all 181 regular-season games across his storied career with San Francisco, making two Super Bowl appearances and was named to the 2011-2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame All-Decade Team. He earned six Pro-Bowl selections and finished his career ranked fifth in franchise history for the most games played by an offensive lineman. 

“There’s days, especially in the summer when I was enjoying myself a little bit, where I wasn’t doing that as much and as frequently and then all of a sudden, it’s like amazing how much worse I felt and just mentally as well,” he added. “So if I get a workout in every day, I feel a lot better. That’s one thing I miss about football a ton is the schedule. You become so used -- so from going to that to all of sudden, boom -- nothing, is a little bit of a mind warp. I was going to go with a different word there.”

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“Working out has probably been one of the main helpers in staying in a routine, as opposed to playing football, I would work out and then have everything else scheduled out. Now, I work out and it’s like, ‘What am I going to do now?’ 

Don’t worry, we’ll have him plenty taken care of as he hangs out with the NBC Sports Bay Area crew on Sundays throughout the season. 

Staley says he plans to be at Levi’s Stadium during 49ers home games and will be in studio when the team is on the road. 

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