49ers GM Lynch details hilarious story of Eli Manning prank


If you don’t know by now, the former NFL stars Peyton and Eli Manning are the biggest pranksters. And it doesn’t fall short of that -- even when it comes to a Hall of Fame induction.

This time, however, Eli brought 49ers general manager John Lynch into it.

Lynch, who recently was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, along with Eli’s brother, Peyton, were participating in a panel discussion when the prank wars of Eli were brought up.

Peyton detailed how his younger brother would steal his cell phone and quickly would change the language settings to German or Chinese, making it impossible for him to communicate. The way he was able to do it so swiftly and accurately was pretty impressive. 

Lynch had a similar story that happened to him on Eli, the “silent assassin.”

“We were on a golf trip and [Eli] took my phone and somehow every time I typed “the” it became, and I’ll clean this up, ‘Man, I gotta go …,’” Lynch said during the panel (h/t 9NEWS Sports Denver).

(Use your imagination to fill in the blank.”)

49ers owner Jed York was asking about this particular golf trip via text, and Lynch’s phone autocorrected to “Man, I gotta go … “

“And Jed’s going, ‘JL, what are you saying, man?’”

Peyton said the text replacement prank is now in his own personal hijinks book now. He said the Indianapolis Colts’ culture was based on hard work, with a lot of fun thrown in there. 


Eli is the same guy who pranked safety Landon Collins by putting Icy Hot on his deodorant. Collins said when these pranks happen, it’s almost always guaranteed to be Eli.

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Don’t worry, Collins got retribution. He put peanut butter in the two-time Super Bowl champion’s brand new sneakers.

Some free advice: Be wary of your cell phone -- and surroundings -- if you’re ever around Eli Manning, folks.

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