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Lynch calls Jimmy G's reaction to Lance pick 'heartwarming'

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Coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch had already prepared 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for what would happen on Thursday evening.

“What Kyle and I always try to do is not wait until something happens,” Lynch said Friday night, after Rounds 2 and 3 of the NFL draft.

“(We) communicate beforehand. That’s what we’ve done with Jimmy, and it’s been really good communication.”

But Lynch and Shanahan were not necessarily prepared for how Garoppolo would react after the selection of quarterback Trey Lance became official.

Shortly after the 49ers picked Lance with the No. 3 overall pick, Garoppolo reached out to Mike Chasanoff of the 49ers’ public relations staff. He asked for Lance’s contact information.

“I think one thing that was really heartwarming to me, I heard last night from (Chasanoff) that Jimmy reached out,” Lynch said. “Trey was here today, and Trey told us the first text he got was from Jimmy Garoppolo. So that’s pretty special, and it speaks to his class.”

Shanahan said there was no reason to get in touch with Garoppolo after the pick because he has been in constant communication with him via daily Zoom meetings during the 49ers’ offseason program.

Garoppolo has handled the uneasy situation with grace. After all, the addition of Lance signals that Garoppolo does not have a long-term future with the organization.

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But the organization is still counting on Garoppolo to bring his best and, possibly, hold off the rookie for the starting job in 2021.


“Jimmy is taking a business approach, but I think he’s excited right now, just talking to him,” Shanahan said. “And he’s ready to come here and get back to being healthy and playing with our team. And if we have him compete, I know he’s ready to compete.”

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