Lynch believes Jimmy G should be seen as an 'elite thrower'

Jimmy Garoppolo

John Lynch has heard all of Jimmy Garoppolo's critics. As general manager, he helped foster the 49ers trading up in the 2021 NFL Draft to take quarterback Trey Lance. But he again wants everyone to know just how good Garoppolo is

"He’s immensely talented, he’s one of the great throwers," Lynch said on the latest Cris Collinsworth Podcast. "I don’t think that gets talked about enough, what an elite thrower he is, the twitch he has in his body as a thrower.

"We talked to these quarterback coaches and he’s up at the top in terms of ability."

Garoppolo has an extremely quick release. His one full season as the starting QB for San Francisco was one of the best in franchise history when he completed 69.1 percent of his passes for 3,978 yards and 27 touchdowns. 

He also completed four fourth-quarter comebacks during that 2019 season.

But Garoppolo has been both injury-prone and turnover-prone throughout his career. 

Garoppolo appears to be the 49ers' starting QB for the 2021 season, even after the team added Lance. He has done everything right so far, embracing competition while reaching out right away to his new teammate. For Lynch, this is just more proof of who Garoppolo is. 

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“We love Jimmy, we love everything about him," Lynch said. "I, in particular, think the greatest quality in this game, particularly at that position, is when you have your teammate's back. Jimmy, since he’s been here, always puts it on his shoulders, he never throws anyone under the bus, even if someone ran a route the wrong way.


"Jimmy takes ownership."

The hope is he'll take ownership on the field this season, leading the 49ers back to the Super Bowl before the franchise hands the keys over to Lance later on.

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