Kittle reveals weird Venmo request after signing new deal


George Kittle signed a record-breaking five-year, $75 million contract extension with $30 million of that guaranteed at signing and $40 million in total guarantees. It’s the largest tight end contract in NFL history. 

He’s bound to get some weird requests knowing he’s got all of this money to play with … right?


The strangest proposition was in the form of a Venmo request, and it was a good one:

"Someone Venmo requested me so they could buy a new HD TV so they could watch Jimmy G's chin line on Sundays," Kittle told reporters Tuesday.

Imagine Jimmy Garoppolo’s chin, but enhanced -- on an HD television -- gifted by Kittle himself.

That more than likely won’t happen, but it’s a pretty impressive thought, and perhaps Kittle considered it for a moment. Kittle and his QB have a great relationship -- and not just because Kittle likes to walk around wearing Jimmy G-signed shirts, and vice versa.

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The two also have a similar view on how they play the game -- a linebacker mentality -- if you will. Having an outlook like that as a quarterback might seem different, but Jimmy G wants to use his physicality in all facets of the game, which helps link them together.

Nevertheless, Kittle gets to see that jawline in person. No HD television could compete with that.