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Juice recalls raucous 49ers management call after agreement

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Kyle Juszczyk

Team executives, including general manager John Lynch, joined 49ers CEO Jed York on Saturday night to celebrate his 40th birthday.

And there was another reason to lift a glass, too.

Fullback Kyle Juszczyk received a couple of congratulatory FaceTime calls from the 49ers’ decision-makers, who were unquestionably having a good time.

“I feel like I’m going to have to spare a few details,” Juszczyk said on Wednesday on a video call with Bay Area reporters.

The 49ers and Juszczyk's representation were wrapping up the details on a five-year, $27 million contract extension that includes $9.6 million in guarantees.

The 49ers were nearing the finish line in the negotiation when Lynch tweeted a foreshadowing of the news, which would keep Juszczyk from reaching the free-agent market.

“I’m thirsty,” Lynch tweeted. “Niners fans, you want some ‘Juice?’”

“Juice,” of course, is Juszczyk’s nickname, though it is also reasonable to conclude Lynch might have been trying to quench his thirst with an adult beverage at the time.

A short time later, York went to the same social media app to proclaim his unwavering love for his wife, Danielle ... as well as Lynch and #Kyle -- most likely, head coach Shanahan (but maybe Juszczyk?).

Juszczyk said he received two calls that evening. The first came from Shanahan and his wife, Mandy, who congratulated him on the new contract.

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The second call, originating from York’s party, seemed to be a bit more raucous.


“The phone got passed around,” Juszczyk said. “A lot of congratulations. A lot of cheers and all those sorts of things. I guess I’ll just leave it at that. It was all good fun things.”

One day later, after the contract was finalized, York referenced a “coherent” call the previous night that might have “sealed the deal.”

Juszczyk practically was moved to tears the day after the season ended when he considered the possibility he might not return to the 49ers as a free agent. The celebration Saturday night reminded him of why it meant so much to him to remain with the organization.

“Honestly, it’s so cool to be a part of that, and to get FaceTimes from your owner and your GM and your head coach and speak with their families and be comfortable,” Juszczyk said. “It’s like I’m speaking with my own family.

“It’s not one of those awkward conversations that’s just, ‘Yes, sir; yes, sir; we’re going to do great, sir.’ It’s just real conversations and real, genuine joy. That’s why I feel so connected to this program.”

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